2021 ALS Walk for Life

Join us as we walk to create a world free of ALS!
Join us as we walk to create a world free of ALS!

Hike for Trike

Close your eyes... what if you were sitting in the doctors office and he just told you that you had ALS and the average life expectancy is 2-5 years,  to get your affairs in order?  What would you think, how would you feel? Numb, scared??? At the time of diagnosis, Frank had just turned 53, we were married for 28 yrs.

6 years later, a month after he turned 59, he passed away (Sept 2020).  He fought a good fight and I have to think he’s climbing mountains, fishing, hunting... doing all the things ALS robbed him of - until we’re together again.

ALS is scary. Really scary. Its rapid progression can mean tomorrow is often worse than today. As a result, people living with ALS are overwhelmed and unsure of what questions to ask and what to do next. But that’s where the Les Turner ALS Foundation comes in. They were our go-to to help navigate this disease.

A cure is too late for Frank, but this disease has got to be stopped so others aren’t faced with ALS.  Please consider making a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal. Together, we can create a world free of ALS!

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