2021 ALS Walk for Life

Join us as we walk to create a world free of ALS!
Join us as we walk to create a world free of ALS!

Erin's Allies

Join us as we participate in Les Turner ALS Foundation's 20th Anniversary ALS Walk for Life!

In April I was diagnosed with ALS. Family, friends, and the Les Turner ALS Foundation, have provided me with the support I need to fight and remain hopeful.

I believe in the mission of the Les Turner ALS Foundation. I believe in providing the best comprehensive care to people living with ALS and their families and I believe that the money we raise together will lead to treatments and a cure for ALS. This cause is important to me and people living with ALS need your help!

ALS is scary. Really scary. Its rapid progression can mean tomorrow is often worse than today. As a result, people living with ALS are overwhelmed and unsure of what questions to ask and what to do next. But that's where the Les Turner ALS Foundation comes in. They exist to care for those affected by the disease, guide them to answers, support them and their loved ones and provide hope through scientific research.

I'm proud to be a member of the Les Turner ALS family. Join me as we work to support people living with ALS and those who love them every step of the way! Please consider making a donation to help me reach my fundraising goal. Together, we can create a world free of ALS!

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