2020 Strike Out ALS 5k and 1 Mile Run, Walk & Roll - Virtual Race

Linda and Bob Moravec at the Gala 2020
Linda and Bob Moravec at the Gala 2020

May the force be with Linda

Join us as we walk for my MOM in the Les Turner ALS Foundation’s Virtual Strike Out ALS 5k and 1 Mile Run, Walk & Roll!

July 16th 2020

It started with a whisper. Within a year, it would decline to a mumble at best. We have gone from doctor to doctor and climbed up many hills just to slide right back down. During those appointments, tests, needles, and all the waiting, we began to piece together the mystery. The mystery of why my mom lost her ability to not only speak but to chew and swallow. My mother loves mystery books but being a part of this mystery was not enjoyable. But even in the pit of frustration, hope can dawn at the horizon and that is exactly what The Les Turner Foundation, Dr. Kalb, and his brilliant team at Northwestern were there to do. A wave of relief washed over my mom, my dad, and I for the first time in months as we started to get answers from a team of doctors who have built their careers on studying, diagnosing, and caring for those with ALS. A team of angels who put us first.

Let me tell you about my mom. She's a fighter. She is my "little lady" who is facing this head on with courage, determination, spunk, and a positive attitude. She is adapting to the constant changes fueled by the will to survive. She is an ANGEL who does not deserve this but has gracefully endured the ebbs and flows of this journey. She has had the opportunity to meet with the best doctors, embrace the comfort of fellow people with ALS, attend a classic Gala with my dad, and has returned to a healthy weight. She is still able to do most of the things she enjoys like puzzles, spa days, shopping, and spending time with her family & friends. Her disease does not define her even if it has barged in and tried to steal her light. ALS will not be at the forefront of what anyone associates with her but rather it will be her laugh, her mischievousness, her love of dogs (corgis), her friendship, and her appreciation of family and tradition. She is my mommy, mom, mother, & best friend, and what she needs the most is your support and understanding of what she is going through.

The Les Turner Foundation, is a family we never imagined we would be a part of but they are committed to treating my mom and those like her, as if she's the only person they support and care about. Being one of the largest ALS groups in the country, their approach is still individualized from quality of care, local community support, and scientific strides to ensure the best situation for those with ALS and the families it touches. They came into our lives as family and touched our hearts in places we never thought existed. There is so much to learn and understand about this nasty, horrible disease and this foundation strives to educate people, explore every angle, and raise money for that research and care. I was ignorant to it. All I knew about ALS was the ice bucket challenge. That's where it started and stopped for me. And to say it fell on deaf ears feels like a massive understatement today. I guess it’s true that you don't fully understand until it hits you personally.

I will be loud in my efforts to raise awareness and diligent in my promise to campaign for funds necessary for research, trials, and care. I hope our motivation to overcome this is seen and noticed. There are promising trials my mom hopes to partake in. We have found a family within the foundation and Northwestern with resources, course of care, and attention we need. We are hopeful even if the odds are stacked against us but that just motivates us to fight harder. Join me. Help me. Support me. Encourage me. Bear with me while my Dad and I embark on our new roles as caretakers. My family and I appreciate every bit of it. Thank you for listening and loving us through this difficult time.

- The Moravec Clan



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