2021 ALS Walk for Life

Let's lead the charge for George!
Let's lead the charge for George!

George's Generals

George Poniatowski was diagnosed with ALS in 2015 and was taken from us on January 31, 2019.

George was a loving husband, wonderful father and devoted grandfather. He was full of life and loved sports and playing games. He enjoyed running around a soccer field coaching his youngest son's team. He loved everything about volleyball, from coaching his oldest daughter's team to playing in adult leagues. He won every game of Foosball and darts his three children watched him play while growing up. He loved seeing his two young granddaughters, who are starting second grade and kindergarten this fall. Now we hope that he's watching us carry on his legacy and is proud of what he left behind.

The last two years of his life George was fully paralyzed. He could not breath without the assistance of a breathing machine. He needed to be fed, bathed, dressed and everything else you can imagine. He had continual, around the clock care, from his wife, caregivers, and children. George fought his afflictions with great strength and courage. He never lost hope, kept his spirits high and always retained a sense of humor.

ALS is a progressive disease that deteriorates the muscles and lungs, and there is no cure. It's our hope that we can walk together to continue to spread awareness and to raise money to assist other families affected by this disease.

Join George's Generals as we participate in the Les Turner ALS Foundation’s ALS Walk for Life for a third year. This organization provides the best comprehensive care to people living with ALS and their families in Chicagoland, and we believe that the money we raise together will lead to treatments and a cure for ALS.


2020 ALS Walk for Life:  Saturday, September 26 - Virtually!


Please consider making a donation to help us reach our fundraising goal. Together, we can make an impact in the fight against ALS!


To learn more about ALS or the Les Turner ALS Foundation, please visit lesturnerals.org.

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