2022 Fundraise Your Way

The first World's Longest Turkey Trot
The first World's Longest Turkey Trot

2022 Turkey Trot for ALS

In 2013 My friend Alfredo Pedro Perro and I ran from Chicago to Milwaukee Black Friday for no particular reason.  In 2015 he died of ALS.  We continue to run from Chicago to Milwaukee, or vice versa, every year to honor him and raise money for ALS.  You can follow us on social media by searching for #WLTT4ALS or "world's longest turkey trot for ALS"

We are hosting an online fundraiser on behalf of the Les Turner ALS Foundation's Fundraise Your Way program because we believe in their mission of providing the best possible care to people living with ALS and their families in the Chicagoland area. And we believe that the funds we raise together will lead to a cure for ALS. This cause is important to us and we'd greatly appreciate your support of our efforts.

ALS is scary. Really scary. But the Les Turner ALS Foundation exists to care for those affected by the disease, answer their questions and support people living with ALS. The provide a personalized approach to treatment and care - preparing people living with ALS to navigate their difficult journey and supporting them and those they love each step of the way.

Please consider making a donation to help our team reach our fundraising goal. Together, we can make an impact and create a world free of ALS.

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