2023 ALS Walk for Life

Keldani and Company

Our team is participating in the 22nd Anniversary ALS Walk for Life in honor of Susan Keldani!

Susan Keldani is a wife of 30 years and counting, a mother of 3 children, and a self-made entrepreneur. Susan was born in a small town in Ohio, and had 3 sisters. After high school, Susan worked several manual labor jobs, before finding her way into the logistics industry. Susan worked her way up to being the part-owner, and Vice President of On Track Transportation Of IL, Inc. Eventually, Susan became the sole owner. Susan and her husband, Ziad Keldani had triplets in 2003. All 3 were raised with love and care, and are currently all enrolled in college. In her free time, Susan likes to cook, read, listen to music, and volunteered at her kids' schools, emerging as a strong leader in PTO. 

Just last year, Susan was diagnosed with ALS. Susan and her family suspect that she's been battling ALS for years before her diagnosis. With the whole family attempting to maintain their education, along with family business, ALS has been a difficult ordeal, which will likely become more difficult with the progression of the illness. 

Currently, there is no cure for ALS. We are hopeful that with enough support, one day in our time we’ll find a cure. The Les Turner ALS Foundation exists to care for those affected by the disease, guide them to answers, support them and their loved ones and provide hope through scientific research.

We are proud to be members of the Les Turner ALS  family. Join us as we work to support people living with ALS and those who love them every step of the way! Please join our team on event day or consider making a donation to help us reach our fundraising goal. Together, we can create a world free of ALS.

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