2023 ALS Walk for Life

Champions for a Cure

Friends & Family,

Please join my family as our team, “Champions for a Cure,” participates in the 20th ALS Walk for Life on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at Soldier Field. As a member of the Les Turner ALS Foundation Board of Directors, I believe strongly in the Les Turner ALS Foundation’s mission. For over 40 years, the Les Turner ALS Foundation has been Chicagoland’s leader in ALS comprehensive care, support and scientific research for the prevention, treatment and cure of ALS.
As many of you know, my first experience with ALS came in 2000, when a colleague and friend was diagnosed with ALS at only 39 years old. At that time, I knew very little about ALS. However, during my friend’s experience with ALS, I was shocked to learn how this progressive, terminal disease attacks the body leaving its victims paralyzed while usually leaving the patient’s mind intact.
In 2005, our family was first introduced to the Les Turner ALS Foundation and the ALS Walk for Life by a close friend, who lost her husband to ALS. Since that time, our family has continued to “Walk for Life” and to support the Les Turner ALS Foundation.
Over the past year, there have been many exciting advances in the fight to find a cure to stop ALS. However, we are NOT there yet. More needs to be done to rid our world of this horrific disease. Now is the time for a cure! Join us and let’s make a difference for people living with ALS!
Jodi and her family, Jon, Jenna & Jared
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